La transmission de la bactérie, des moutons aux tiques, ne se produisait que lors du pic d’abondance de tiques (mai et septembre). Des études de transmission expérimentale ont confirmé que les moutons, préalablement exposés à des tiques infectées sur le terrain, ne développaient pas d’infections systémiques par B. On a d’abord cru cialis pas cher cialis que les petits rongeurs et les cervidés étaient toujours les principaux vecteurs des tiques elles-mêmes vectrices de borrélies pathogènes. Cette étude a confirmé les résultats d’un précédent travail.

African Diaspora Marketplace Update

ADM Update

ADM II Awardee MedEnhanz launc…

MedEnhanz, a healthcare technology company based in Lagos,Nigeria, launched WebDoc, a mobile healthcare application that provides real time medical information and offers 24/7 medical advisory services has been launched by MedEnhanz Resources. The medical platform has o… » Read More

ADM III Semi-Finalist Cape Ver…

ADM III Semi-Finalist, Cape Verde Wind, owned by Júlio Rodrigues, has obtained funding of 8 million USD from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, for the implementation of a renewable energy project which will provid… » Read More

ADM II Awardee Wins Cartier Wo…

ADM II Awardee Chinwe Ohajuruka was anounced as a Cartier Women’s Initiative Laureate for the region of Africa. Chinwe, 52, lives in the United States and is of Nigerian heritage. Her company, Comprehensive Design Services, provides affordable and sustainable houses that are so… » Read More

ADM III Awardee in The Washing…

Jehiel Oliver runs a small Anacostia-based company, with a plan to solve a big agriculture problem half a world away. Oliver’s novel idea, a “Smart Tractor” that can be delivered with the tap of a cellphone, has the attention of far-reaching international development organi… » Read More

ADM III Awardee NextGen Solar …

On September 25, 2015 the U.S. Trade and Development Agency awarded a grant to ADM III Awardee NextGen Solawazi Limited to support the development of a 60-megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic power plant in Shinyanga, a city in northwestern Tanzania.  The grant supports a feasib… » Read More

Voice of America Coverage of A…

Voice of America sat down in an interview with Barbara Span, Vice President of Global Public Affairs at Western Union (an ADM III partner), to discuss the various benefits of this year’s African Business Exposition event location as well as its purpose. Click here to watch the in… » Read More


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GES 2016 aims to showcase inspiring entrepreneurs and investors from around the world creating new opportunities for investment, partnership View More » 12 Jun, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Semai Consulting is offering multiple Diaspora Leadership Trainings this spring and summer, b View More » 22 Apr, 2016

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